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Tactical Squirrel
2016-06-28, 11:16 AM
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Part IV: Let the MENTS Continue..

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Jason Blaha: The Reptilian

Jason Blaha has achieved fame on YouTube for exposing the fraudulent supplement industry. How ironic that he himself is actually the biggest fraud of them all.

Jason Blaha came into the YouTube fitness world talking about performance enhancement drugs and the lies of the supplement industry. Many used to like him, but then he started threatening to kill the family of his "enemies", which started to push people away from him. His claims of working for the CIA, being a mercenary, having two black belts, having a genius level IQ, Double Major in psychology and nutritional science, more muscle mass than Serge Nubret etc etc. It all started to pile up as he talked in a patronizing way to his friendly fans.

All of this was eclipsed, after the fitmisc interviewed his (verified) ex-wife, who denied any of his grandiose claims. It then surfaced that Jason Blaha went under the name of "DarkEternal" in conspiracy forums, in which he talks about being a Telekinetic Reptilian Assassin, direct descendant of Jesus, CIA assassin from the age of 16, being abducted by aliens, and many many more claims.

It is real, it was really him saying he was a telekinetic reptilian assassin etc.
It has been confirmed it was him. He made thousands of posts talking about these delusions.

What Is Our Aim?

The same which he once claimed to stand for: truth. We too don't believe in the exaggerations and lies of supplement industry he once claimed to fight against with the truth. But we won't allow him to keep attacking and threatening his enemies and his enemies' family as well as misguiding with lies. It is time he comes tells the truth and stops threatening his enemies' families.

Go To: http://genovapedia.org/blahapedia.html for a comprehensive read on all of his lies and delusions, showing proof to debunk his lies.

Feel free to make an account and join in!!

Order 66: Jason Bloho Shelley Frantzen


Tactical Squirrel
2016-06-28, 11:17 AM

2016-06-28, 11:17 AM

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