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    #IwillNotBodybuildToday - Strive to be better, take the pledge.

    Welcome to the anti-bodybuilding movement:

    I will not bodybuild today

    I will not lift weights moderately

    I will not lift weights heavily

    I will lift weights lightly to ensure good health and proper posture

    I value function over looks

    I will spend minimum time in the mirror

    I will bring pride and honor to both my name and my family's

    I am a human being.

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    A BodyBuilder's Creed

    I am a Warrior; a man that will pump until he cannot move.

    I train because there are no limits to the strength I can gain, because "I can't" is a figment of my imagination.

    My life was changed in the shrine of iron and sweat;
    because of this natural gift I have discovered what lies inside of me.
    I am a Champion. Several times have I met my limits in my training and pushed past it.

    There is no growth without confrontation. Pain can be tool to bring about a change; the harder you push, the greater the reward.

    Many lessons have I learned
    Quitters are unfaithful and unstable; they have no place on the battlefield as they are easily removed by the tide of the fight.
    Consistency and discipline are primary. The road of 1000 steps begins with the first step. Learning that you have no idea what the Creator has placed in your physical body until you unlock the door.

    As in prayer, you press out of the natural world into the realm of the Spirit Of God. In my training, I press past pressures that seek to dominate me. As I press I inch closer to my goal. and I discover that I can conquer them if I simply endure the pain.

    I am a Bodybuilder. In spirit and in reality. In the gym I train relentlessly, in order to build my body and attain the best health that I may. Glorifying God by taking care of the Temple in which He dwells.

    I take this seriously.

    Bodybuilding is not a game.

    Bodybuilding is not a hobby.

    Bodybuilding is not only what to do.

    It's who I am.

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